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Bicycling Rules of the Road

This humorous and action-packed adventure story is a fun way for kids to learn basic bicycling safety rules. Ride along with Devin Van Dyke and find out what happens as he tries to follow his mother’s list of safety rules while meeting up with friends along the way. Chaos reigns when Devin forgets to follow rules such as one person per bike, wear a helmet, obey traffic signs, and use his eyes and ears to stay alert. Featuring lyrical text and brightly colored, full-page illustrations, this is a book parents and kids will not grow tired of reading out loud, night after night.

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The Cycling Wangdoos

The Cycling Wangdoos is an imaginative, fun-to-read rhyming tale of a Tibetan racing team who ride on a six-seater bicycle with a wacky yak on the back. They have a long record of winning races by working together, until the smallest Wangdoo begins to think he’s pulling more than his fair share of the weight. Find out what happens when his discontentment quickly spreads through the team and the Wangdoos’ race takes a dangerous turn. When the race is over, the riders are left with a hard-learned lesson—that teams work best when everyone does their part. Laugh-out-loud illustrations bring this delightful story to life. Ages 0-6.

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The Rhyming Bible
Easter Storybook

Introduce your little ones to the Easter story using The Rhyming Bible Easter Storybook. Parents can struggle to teach their children about Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, but with fun rhymes and colorful illustrations, this book delightfully aids parents for family story time during Easter Week and beyond.

The Rhyming Bible Easter Storybook has seven stories, one story for each day of Easter Week, so children can learn about these moments in Jesus’ life:

  • The triumphal entry,

  • The Last Supper,

  • The arrest and trial,

  • The crucifixion,

  • The burial,

  • The resurrection, and

  • The ascension!

Fun and accurate, these stories and illustrations help parents teach their children to love the greatest story of all. 

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
May I Please Have a Dog Cover Merged copy.jpg

May I Please Have a Dog?

May I Please Have a Dog?—Pete is determined to get a dog and his mother is not keen on the idea. But Pete is smart, and he hatches a plan that just might work. A fun, rhyme-and-meter adventure with plenty of surprises. Ages 3-8.

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